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Our History

The Wilderness Mission Story



     It all began in 1985 with the calling of a family; a family with a zealous desire to do a work for the Lord. Vernon and Sheree Dawson, parents to three daughters, Jurea, Danielle, and Rebekah, sold their home and business in Waterbury Connecticut and moved their family to the country to fulfill what they believed to be God’s plan for their lives. Along with two other families with the same vision at heart, they relocated to the beautiful country atmosphere of the Berkshire Mountains of Savoy Massachusetts. And here the dream was born.

     Long before the initiation of this move, Vernon and Sheree had a heart for ministry, taking people into their home and providing whatever they could to assist those in need. This inborn desire to help alleviate the woes of humanity led to the ultimate sacrifice-full time ministry.

     The original plan was to create a place designed to cater to the needs of the youth, providing basic skills in agriculture, auto body repair and mechanics, cooking, carpentry, and other trades designed to equip young people with useful occupations for life. This was to be provided along with spiritual guidance and counsel. 33 acres of land and a three story home were acquired to accommodate this purpose. The land itself was in poor condition. The woods around the property were dense and overgrown and needed to be cleared to facilitate gardens and the erection of other buildings. The house was unfinished and damaged. Windows were broken and water leaks had damaged most of the interior sheet rock. There was no running water or electricity. A fourth floor was needed which required the removal of the roof. This was done with limited hands and little experience in carpentry. But with a lot of hard work and perseverance, the fourth floor was added and the land was cleared. The place began to take shape. Camp meetings were held which sparked the flame to this magnificent work bringing people from all over to share in this mission. 

     God however had another plan in mind, and after the introduction of many noted Medical Missionaries, and health reform leaders, Vernon Dawson and his family began to put a new plan into action, and thus the Voice in the Wilderness Mission health ministry was born. Under the close guidance of God, Vernon and Sheree Dawson began their education in the direction of diet and lifestyle change, along with training in hydrotherapy and simple herbal remedies. With limited means and a skeleton of a foundation they pressed forward to develop the ultimate health program that would not only serve the rich and the poor, the young and the old, but a program that would contain all the essential elements for restoration and healing, This they did with the hope of not only providing care to the physical needs of the sick, but also to provide spiritual and emotional healing as well. 

     And so the Voice in the Wilderness mission is what it is today, a health facility offering healing and relief to all those in need. Ten day and three day health retreats, lectures, cooking classes, nutrition screenings, and spiritual guidance are just some of the many programs offered by the mission.

     The talents and abilities of other dedicated Christian people have been given freely.  Many have come and gone helping out and then carrying God’s work to others. To these individuals, too numerous to mention, we acknowledge and offer our utmost thanks and appreciation.

     “The voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord.” This has been our mission to bring complete restoration: physical, mental and spiritual to those searching in the wilderness of this world for relief and healing.

 First Bath House
Early Mission House
Country Living
Acquiring The Land
Deer at Play
Our Garden
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