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The Voice in the
Wilderness Mission

A Christ-centered health and lifestyle facility offering relief to all those in need. We offer lifestyle training - nutritional screenings-
self help home care - cooking classes
- cleansing programs, along
with many other programs.


Our Vision

Give yourself the gift of a new start.

We focus on disease prevention and physical restoration.

We focus on removing the root factors of disease in four main areas, namely, diet, lifestyle, emotions, and environment.

We then assist the body’s innate ability to begin to heal itself.




Our program has been designed to help in the health and healing of the whole person.

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Designed to help you live healthy

Restoring the body’s innate

ability to perform

Watch our demonstration on how to make yogurt from soy

Sheree's Kitchen demonstrates one of her many healthy cooking recipes and tips.

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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